My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

March 1, 2016
by Bridget Marie

Week 21 – Living With Purpose

Mandino’s Scroll 5 – ‘Living this day as if it’s my last’ is my favorite scroll to date.  It is a HUGE challenge to me…to be so moment by moment purposeful that “each hour I cherish for it can never return” “if it IS my last day, I make it my greatest monument” “every minute I trade only for something of value” “my last must be my best!” “I avoid the killers of time: PROCRASTINATION I destroy with ACTION; DOUBT I bury under FAITH; FEAR I dismember with CONFIDENCE”…

And one of my biggest challenges recently, “..forgetting yesterday, neither do I think about tomorrow … should I concern myself over events I may never witness?  Should I torment myself over events that may never happen?  (I call that FEAR – False Evidence Appearing to be Real)  NO!”

THIS is where I choose to live.  I’m SOO thankful for the learning/reminding how short our time on this earth is…and we each have a purpose to achieve!!  And to getting even more FOCUSED on the one vision, that heart-driven issue – discovering it inside (rather than trying to accomplish SO MANY things & being distracted … magnifier moving around) is SUPER exciting!!  Bring it on … I AM the adventurer … going on the HERO’s journey … anxious to BE the whole, perfect person God designed me to BE!!!

Let’s inspire each other to the greatness & good works of service … leaving this place in better shape that before we came!!  Are you ready to leave your comfort zone??  It takes work, but is sooo WORTH IT!!!  Come on, let’s discover together . . . .:-)


February 17, 2016
by Bridget Marie

Week 20 -The Persistence of ‘Becoming’

Have you ever felt like you’re going to just BURST unless you can get your feelings inside expressed??  All of us have a story inside us.  I’ve said it previously, but I love getting to know other people’s stories…especially HERO stories of overcoming great adversity, how getting connected to God & growing in faith – always encouraging!!   And I enjoy being challenged to grow as a human ‘Being’!

I’ve been enjoying not only RE-reading Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, but challenged like Scroll 1 suggests, forming the good habit of 30-day, 3x/day re-reading each scroll so I can change to BECOME my greatest self.  Next to being very encouraged to ‘persist until I succeed’ from Scroll 3. I’ve been very inspired with the new scroll this month to “live this day as if it’s my last”!  Whenever I’ve known of people having their life perspective change – usually in the face of some tragic event or diagnosis – I’ve envied their living EACH DAY to the fullest…getting the MOST out of those minutes, hours, or days they have left.  A change of perspective.

Now I’m gladly being challenged to consider the same:  LIVE EACH DAY AS IF IT’S MY LAST .. to go on my own HERO’S JOURNEY!!  Learning to control ‘the world within’ so AM the person God destined me to BE to the ‘world without’…staying focused, forming good habits, spending more time in silence thinking, praying, practicing, communing!!.

I accept the challenge!!  I WANT to be that person…bursting at the seams to express what’s I’ve held inside for a long time!!  I WILL PERSIST, take that initiative, BE decisive, get the help I need…I WILL SUCCEED!!!  This journey of ‘BECOMING’ is exciting!  And I am humbled & APPRECIATIVE to the MKMMA program, Mark & Davene J, and all those who’ve gone before me…spurring each of us along the way!!

Are YOU ready to get out of your comfort zone & BE challenged to BECOME more?!?

February 1, 2016
by Bridget Marie
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Week 18 -I Give Myself Permission

This week has been a time of going back & reviewing some previous lessons.  What a great way to re-commit to new habits, applying the 7 Laws of the Mind, even confirming in greater detail what all have purposed to focus on … kinda like watching a good movie for a second or third time … pick up more details & ingrain in the heart & mind more!!!  Some great reminders for me this past week:

*The 3 absolute essentials for the happiness of mankind:  Health, Wealth (Substance), and Love; and the mechanism of attachment whereby we can consciously connect with this Infinite supply is in our method of thinking correctly!!

*Visualization is the required mechanism of the attachment… and the more I give of what I value (love, wealth, kindness), the more I’ll receive!!!

*Amazing story of attracting what’s import in affirmation:  “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, & happy” to whole healing, affluence, & JOY!!

*Thought is our creative power, the connecting link between Infinite & the finite … thought + feelings = belief … Law of Growth takes over!!!

*Constructive thought (which is in harmony with Infinite Source) is the CAUSE of the peaceful world within.  The world without is a reflection of the world within – and all power is from within.

*We must make apply our knowledge, thru practice if doesn’t come naturally, for abundance to come.

Also in our MasterKey training, we were challenged to ponder a question, “what am I pretending not to know?”  Wow, great question??!!!  In a couple of my focus times, I came up with 2 surprises…only to myself, of course!  1- That I have access to the power that can control my life through my thoughts; and 2- How to visualize, to mentally picture what I desire to…. something I struggle with.

I give myself permission to be happy, to visualize my desires, my dreams!!  I CHOOSE to do ALL I CAN, every day, to be in harmony with my Creator & keep being in service to others so I can also live in abundance!  I’m choosing the higher thoughts for higher purposes!!  I love who God has destined me to be!!  I’m THANKFUL for all the past struggles as they are what makes me unique & are great opportunities for the growth of us all!!

Have you given yourself permission to be happy yet?




January 23, 2016
by Bridget Marie

Week 17 – Earnest Longing to BECOME

As in the process of challenging my lifestyle thinking, this week’s focus has been on the practice of concentration… with intuition revealing a truth.  “Great minds seek solitude frequently” is an good habit I’m starting to treasure (was hard for me in beginning to stay focused, not moving, visualize, just making the time to just “sit”).  It’s taking time to develop this ‘great mind’ of mine!!

But when I do, … I start feeling a clarity, looking at myself, my thoughts, my dreams, and especially my desire to BE in harmony & happiness with Universal Mind (or for me, our Creator).  I have been receiving more of a focus on BEING my future self (remember, we were made human BE-INGs, not human DO-INGS — i remind myself!).

So some further re-wording of my 1-sentence DMP going on…intuition happening.  I’m excited to see the world around me in a different light!  And to especially start BE-ing more comfortable in my “new skin” as my world within is starting to budge out of survival-only mode:-)

And my favorite object of focus this week, besides the Og challenge in Scroll IV that I was “conceived in love & brought forth with a purpose … to grow in highest mountain of all”;  is in Haanel 17:35, “If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on Abundance.”  And this is starting to change my life!

More later, but think on this:  using character traits of joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, & self-control in Abundance for service, can be very valuable!!