My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

January 17, 2016
by Bridget Marie

Week 16 -What? An Epiphany?

Call me crazy, but after all these weeks … actually STARTING to feel like some of all the practices, habits, readings, sits started making sense in Haanel’s MasterKey reading this week!!

“Wealth/capital is an effect, not a cause; a means of accomplishing an end… (16:1, 5) … the true value is in the exchange value … a definite fixed purpose, an ideal (16:2-5); the spiritual power to create takes 3 steps:  idealization, concentrate on visualization, and materialization (16:8) … thinking is the great CAUSE in life (16:16) …”if our thoughts are constructive & harmonious, we manifest good” (16:27); and one of the challenges I’m learning to overcome…(and our great mentor, Mark J, has been STRONGLY emphasizing for weeks) is: “16:34 … this is but one sense, psychologists have concluded, the SENSE OF FEELING – the very fountain head of power, why the emotions so easily overcome the intellect [we’ve experienced this thru music & song in our lives!] …and why we MUST PUT FEELING INTO OUR THOUGHT, IF WE WISH RESULTS!!” (Law of Dual Thought!)

This weeks’s exercise of bringing myself “to realization of the important fact that harmony & happiness are states of consciousness…my spiritual unity with God/Universal Mind!” 16:37 And when I succeed in bringing about this mental attitude, it is comparatively easy to realize my “desire as an already accomplished FACT; and when I can do this, I shall have found the ‘truth’ which makes me ‘free’ from every lack or limitation of any kind” … to achieve my DMP!!

My focus shifted…reevaluated.  Thru my DMP, shapes, etc, I’ve been shy, hesitant to get enthusiastically focused on the financial abundance.  But to realize that these are ONLY the effect onto the greater cause of service, the greater good of loving & reaching out to others, being a vessel for Holy Spirit to be more KIND (the Franklin focus this week!) .. i got energized  & ideas started flowing more.  I’m also learning to mastermind more (another need)!!

There was a huge powerball lottery pay-off this week here in Colorado.  And I started asking myself, “If I had $1.6 billion, what are the first 5 things I’d do with it?”  NOW my ideals, my DMP, have more of an applicational focus!!  Service!  Honoring others!  Helping others!  Being in that dynamic flow of giving & receiving!!  Now my ‘sit’ was easier to visualize!!  Now my desires, my action steps can be more feeling WITH intention!!

Maybe now I’m “getting it”…I knew it would eventually happen…but getting more exciting!!  I am adding value to what I do, I’m grateful to be in that flow…happy to be in this life-changing experience this needs time for me to grow!!  Wow…is this the ‘bliss‘ others are suggesting??  COOL!  Now onto the work – with more purposeful enthusiasm …and love!!!

January 10, 2016
by Bridget Marie

Week 15 -Insights!

The readings this week stated creating more of a stir in my heart.

“Thoughts are things, things have gravity, & gravity attracts.  What are your thoughts attracting into your life?” Jon Bender, from book, In God We Trust

This obeys the Law of Attraction, Law of Growth, the thoughts on Growth, Insight, Vital Thought….BAM – Principles!!!

Add to that Og’s 4th scroll about the rarity, uniqueness, VALUABLE, “fan this flame of dissatisfaction that is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am … and I will!!”  all caused my spirit to be in more harmony with my growth into higher planes & broader visions:  In the Silence, learning to appropriate (apply) WITH LOVE those vital thoughts that have the gravity to attract my world within!!

Observing ‘decisiveness’ around me … come on legs, MOVE – redevelop – get stronger … come on mind, MOVE – design those words more lovingly, more consistently!!  Be purposeful, be persevering, be patient – think on that higher plane!!

oh my, progress seems slow, but it IS moving forward…I AM excited yet a little wary – I don’t know why, but growing forward.  I WILL persist, I WILL win!!  I WILL perceive my destiny in greatness!!  I WILL sacrifice independence for alliances, I DO need help… how to ask?

Blessings to the process!!  Blessings to ‘hanging in there’, I’s aligning with the Infinite Intelligence … it IS coming together, evenually .  Stick with the protocal, align myself properly, keep going!

oh boy, does it matter!!

January 3, 2016
by Bridget Marie

Week 14 -A Focus on Harmony

This Christmas/New Year holiday week ended up quite different than past years:  not as much family (sickness, moved away, busy or other plans), but giving to others, friends instead!  But took worthwhile, slower, reflective time to watch/read some inspiring stories/movies like ‘Door to Door’ ‘Rudy’ ‘Little Boy’ ‘The Dash’ ‘The Ripple Effect’.

“We make a living from what we Get … we make a life from what we Give!” (from ‘The Secret to Living is Giving’ by BJ Gallagher & Mac Anderson).  I see the laws, principles, etc all around me:  Substitution, Relaxation, Dual Thought, Growth, Forgiveness!!!

“…If we could just slow down enough to consider what’s true & real…And be less quick to anger, & show appreciation more…  If we treat each other with respect, and more often wear a smile…remembering that this special dash (between birth & depart dates) might only last a little while… would you/I be proud of the things they say about how you/I spent our dash?” (poem by Linda Ellis)

“Have I done EVERYTHING I can possibly do?” (movie ‘Rudy’)

This week’s Haanel’s focus was on the concept, Harmony!  A wonderful thought, yet a compellingly hard to grasp.  I’m warming up to the idea of being in accord, Musically ‘concordant’, agreement in feeling/approach/action, sympathy,  pleasing sounds played simultaneously.  Sounds like our Mastermind Alliances to me!

Learning HARMONY is another theme for 2016!

December 28, 2015
by Bridget Marie

Week 13 – HOPE…A Decision

HOPE – The definition has 2 interpretions:  to entertain a WISH for something with expectation; or to look forward to WITH CONFIDENCE of fulfillment, or expectation with desire.  I add to this second concept, from Haanel 13:26, 27 “…in this way become a channel whereby the Infinite can bring about the realization of our desire … recognition brings about realization … i, the spirit which thinks, is an integral part of the great whole … same in substance, in quality, in kind, that i will also be able to say, “The Father and I are one” … that i come into an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities which have been placed at my disposal.”

I choose to make the decision, “HOPE is my theme for 2016″.  Making decisions when I wasn’t encouraged to growing up because I lived under an ‘autocratic rule’ – controlled by my Dad… he told me so himself!   Most of my adult life has been hard to make decisions…didn’t feel the freedom, didn’t allow myself.  But utilizing the Law of Substitution, I replace that self-imposed bondage with the freedom to choose HOPE – the looking forward with confidence to the fulfillment of my DMP, my darma, my destiny…whatever you want to call it!

I AM a channel for, a part of, made in the image of my God, the Infinite, the Omniscient One!!  I do persist with all the exercises, “…even tho trifling and seem of no consequence.  Yet from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble.  So it will be with my efforts of today.” (Og’s Scroll 3)…I do win!!  HOPE, I’m changing my thinking!  HOPE…I’m slowing down to be more effective; to give myself permission to think, visualize, imagine, dream…to use the law of causation to bring about the realization of my desires … being that channel for Him, let His power & beauty flow.  I LOVE being in that dynamic flow of giving & receiving!!!

HOPE (that expectation with desire) can be your theme for 2016 also!!  We each can make that choice!

December 19, 2015
by Bridget Marie

Week 12 – A Feeling of Gratitude

For me at this particular moment on this earth journey, my focus is on 2 main fronts.  The one is physical, due to a serious injury requiring emergency surgery on both of my knees 1 week into this life-changing course.  The recovery process is teaching patience & persistence.  I AM focused & dedicated EVEN MORE than I would have been had I not received one of the fabulous “pay-it-forward” scholarships so WONDERFULLY given & designed by Mark J & Davene!!  My future self is FOREVER GRATEFUL as I’m becoming MORE of the person I was destined to be in this realm.  I confidently am WALKING (yea!! … walking … when looking at possibility of not ever walking again, I reflectively realize how MUCH I took for granted in the past … and have more COMPASSION on those who’ve lost their ability to:-(  I’m also sooo appreciative to my Lord for working out ALL the amazing details:  like having immediate help, substitute bus driver there to finish my obligation, having paramedics & ambulance there immediately, having the financial aspect covered, bringing the right trauma surgeon, just off the battlefields in Afghanistan, to do an amazing job on my legs – just as he is starting a practice back here in the states!! Law of Attraction?  {I always called them my guardian angels!}  Tho cerebrally I didn’t know about this yet!!!)  Whoo, another blog another day:-)

I found out this week that the hardware (braces) can come off for good on Christmas day…what a GREAT present!!  AND, fulfilling 2 parts of my original DMP of, “TRUE HEALTH–on or before 10 Jan 16, lost 20+ pounds, out of wheelchair, walker, & braces..”  Whoohoo – need to learn how to celebrate!!! I’ve shed 25#, and the braces are off SOON, wheelchair & walker hardly being used!!!  THIS PROCESS WORKS!!!  I AM “whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, & HAPPY!!”   SUCH a feeling of success, confidence, & gratitude!!!!!

NOW, concentrating on second front:  attaching FEELING to my thoughts, my intentions!  It came to me this week that I’m needing to consciously apply the Law of SUBSTITUTION to an old bondage thought  indoctrinated into me from my Dad that “feelings don’t matter”.  I’ve believed & depended on this “truth” most of my life … actually believing that I just wasn’t a very sensitive person…and to his honor, it got me this far!!  So I need to do one of my “sits” on PURPOSEFULLY applying the Laws of DUAL THOUGHT, SUBSTITUTION, & RELAXATION to replace this ingrained idea with better idea:  from Haanel 12: 18, “…the law of attraction, which is another name for love … a feeling that imparts vitality to thought.  Feeling is desire, and desire is love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”!!!!!  Oh my, I’m excited to change those peptides, the “thoughts that fire together wire together”!!!!  Miss INVINCIBLE, that’s what I want to BE!!

I AM persisting, I AM succeeding!  LOVE & MUCH gratitude for this seemingly slow progression to becoming the BEST I was designed to BE!!  THANK YOU!!!