My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

December 12, 2015
by Bridget Marie

Week 2 – God’s Speed Bumps

So first I’m flying “somewhere over the rainbow” into this unknown, but very anticipated journey of finding my purpose, my meaning in life, scared, but so excited for CHANGE of focus, circumstances, thoughts…finding the real me!!  Then it happens, as I’m in habit-changing mode…starting to get into all the homework, reading, quiet time self-assessment, I have a debilitating fall that is going to lay me up for 3-6 months!   One week ago, I fell on some wet bleachers at the local football stadium,, with my favorite high school team playing.  Dislocated  & tore 270 degrees of ligament off both patellas, and had to have immediate surgery on both knees to re-attach quad & medial patella ligaments … or never walk again.  Those were my options…huummm, God’s Speed Bump?

Just like Mark J’s message this week on pride, dreadful need to be “in control”, I’m discovering that I might be in same boat. And God has provided a way for me to SLOW DOWN, take the time to improve, challenge, listen to myself & others!  I’m determined to be a light wherever this “divergence” takes me.  And use this opportunity to ALLOW this change to evolve/redirect/heighten my thoughts, being to be able to LISTEN MORE ACUTELY to what the Universal Mind has been trying to communicate for awhile!!  Thank You, God, for Your Speed Bumps!!

December 12, 2015
by Bridget Marie

Week 11 – Our Stories of Inspiration coming…

When I was a kid, I was always interested in learning more about people I looked up to…people I wanted to emulate, become like.  I’ve always enjoyed biographies/auto-biographies.  In my mind, and sometimes in practice, I’d pretend I could sing like so & so, going over a song over & over…as I’d hear it repeated on the radio. {I didn’t have a way to buy or play cassettes, later 8-tracks (funny how long those lasted!), or records (my parents did play a few records on a large console that was also a radio:  Herb Albert & the Tiajuana Brass – one of the few FUN memories I have as my Dad would pull out his trumpet to play along, & we  kids (eventually 11 of us) would be allowed to play an instrument (homemade bonga drums, shakers out of lemon-shaped squirters on sticks with gravel put inside, etc… with baby brothers just dancing around in their diapers:-)}.  When I’d compete, my mind would have someone I’d try to be like to help me endure the struggle.

NOW that we have internet, access to libraries, lots of movies to choose from, we can investigate & learn as much trivia about people as we want!  Learn their ‘STORY’!  What type of a legacy did they leave behind?  How are/or will they going to be remembered…in the archives of time?  My personal favorites are the ones of persisting til overcome…achieving their greatness they always had inside/”within”, and becoming an inspiration for others!!  That’s LEGACY, to me!!

Even in the Good Book, there are stories of past patriarchs, their achievements…their failures –  how God still uses their lives to let His character & commitment of love & grace be evident!

So NOW I’m learning/reflecting that I have the power (God enabled & in agreement with the Laws of Nature), to write MY STORY/my life so I can BE what I WILL to BE (we were made ‘human BEings’, not ‘human DOings’), an INSPIRATION of OVERCOMING, a Guide of becoming the BEST ME, helping/inspiring others to become their BEST YOU!!!  This is my DMP:  Be/leave a positive Legacy for the ones coming after me!!!  To be that change … by “taking every thought captive”

 As I persist until I succeed, I’m still needing to allow myself to have fun/enjoy the process!!  What HOPE, to BECOME the person I’ve dreamed of BE-ing?!  Having, doing, giving — all the things I want to accomplish??!!  Allowing myself the freedom … Stay FOCUSED … one foot in front of the other … “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet…”  Appreciate all the insights of how the mind, thought WITH feeling, belief, — can/WILL change my reality.  I’m writing my life story … getting more focused/better with age!!  My story, my testimony … a lasting impression of hope … 

And we EACH have this opportunity!!  Wow, I’m grateful for this goal, this process!!

Bridget Marie


December 5, 2015
by Bridget Marie

Week 10 -A Seed Germinating…

I see/feel cracks beginning to open, some connections beginning to happen… tiny, but they’re there.  New peptides forming? finally?

Visualization is my struggle – keep practicing, I’m exercising new arenas of my life.  Slowing down enough for my ‘sit’ – making sure to schedule it into my day… writing all my vital daily activities down (I hear Mark J saying, “What is written, gets done”) . . . IT’S WHAT I’VE WANTED ALL ALONG – why do i struggle with this, why fighting with myself???

Og’s scrolls start out:  “Today I begin a new life…I begin to awake with a new vitality (boy have I been needing this for many years now!).  I am a new man with a new life” (I’m YEARNING for this!!).  Secondly, it’s “I greet this day with love in my heart; henceforth, I look on all things with LOVE, & I am born again (‘More love, more power- more of You, Lord, in my life’…We used to sing this song on stage often!! This IS my destiny, my purpose – to genuinely love …speak/FEEL the music of praise to all God’s children!)”.  Currently it’s, “I will persist until I succeed . . . like the raindrop that washes away the mountain…I will build my castle one brick @ a time, for I know that repeated small attempts WILL complete any undertaking.”

Concentrating – why can’t I see ONE LITTLE BLACK LINE on the wall in front of me?  Or the seed sprouting & developing into a flower?  Or that ship with so much of it’s keel under the water, holding it upright when the waves hit?  Or just talking with a friend sitting opposite me @ the little table outside a quaint restaurant?

The mental diet, ‘taking every thought captive’… (I persist until I succeed), the daily ‘sits’ (I persist until I succeed), seeing the shapes, the music, the recording, the movie trailer, the dream board (I persist until I succeed) . . .YET . . .

I’ve promised to focus 30 mins/day on becoming the person I intend to become … I START to see/feel a glimpse of that person I KNOW I have inside me … learning to connect with the Infinite God who put this gifting, this capacity in us all … It’s safe to FEEL (wasn’t okay when I was a child) … breaking thru my past bondage … keep the creative ideas flowing, connecting … idealize … conceptualize … think on my higher good … (I WILL persist until I succeed!)

I’m grateful for all these “exercises”, including this blogging, to take us where I/we truly want to go . . . that Hero’s Journey!!!  I’m focusing on the goal, being that flower (pansy, for me) that blooms & beautifies its surroundings…being that love that encourages & inspires all who see!!  I LOVE who I’m becoming!  MasterKey brings me HOPE…

May YOU feel this HOPE also!!!



November 28, 2015
by Bridget Marie

Week 9 – I Affirm (love) you!

LOVE, Haanel says, is one of man’s 3 essential desires in life.

Og says if I have no other qualities, I can succeed with LOVE…for others, for myself.  But here is the crux of the matter:  the only way to receive love is by giving it, and the only way to give love is to fill myself with it…dynamic flow of giving & receiving…love tank of the heart must be full before can pour out to others.  I get my love tank filled by knowing the Truth (Jn 14:6, Jesus is the Truth).

I got to share a pay-it-forward this Thanksgiving in a small way.  Young lady in front of me discovers she’s unable to pay for her small amount of groceries..distraught.  I understand cuz I’ve been there before, bring her back to pay for them, tell her to “pay it forward” when she has the chance…she cries & tells me her bad day (maybe week or year?) – car got damaged, going thru divorce, no money in bank.  I listen, then invite her to our family Thanksgiving meal.  She is encouraged & praising God…I feel more LOVE returned for having reached out & done the right thing.  I received more LOVE after giving it away in a small way!!

Quite a bit of my concentration this week has been on Haanel’s affirmation, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, & happy.”; as well as the continued practice of some of my own.  I’m especially sobered with the thought, “Character is not a thing of chance, but the result of CONTINUED effort”.  I continue to enjoy this journey of becoming.  Haanel 9:25, “Whatever I desire for myself, affirm it for others, and IT WILL HELP US BOTH”!!

I affirm (love) you, therefore, I also am affirmed.  I just love our lessons!!

Bridget Marie

November 21, 2015
by Bridget Marie

Week 8 – Imagination: my BIG Elephant

This week’s focus is IMAGINATION: “a form of constructive thought, a light by which we penetrate new worlds of thought & experience; the mighty instrument by which every inventor or discoverer opened the way from precedent to experience.”  Result:  “by exercise (physical exercise being one of my FAVORITE things to do!), imagination leads to the development of the ideal out of which our future will emerge.”

Time needs to be continually scheduled for reflective, focused thoughts of visualization & imagination. Haanel says, “Exercise is necessary to cultivate mental muscle as well as physical muscle…if not nourished, it cannot grow”!!

WOW, I’m learning that the SURVIVAL of my future exclusively depends on cultivating this form of EXERCISE in my life…my ideals, my desires, my wanting to fulfill my FULL destiny of dreams, planted by God in my being, DEPENDS on staying TRUE to this mental practice!!!  So as Mark J would say, “Giddy up” on making this part my PRIORITY – my MAIN FOCUS, my LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!

This is PART of what’s been missing in my life.  My Dad (unbeknownst to him, I hope) thwarted this cultivation in my life by trying to control/inputiate his ideals & thoughts in my heart & brain. . .and I’ve been fighting this allowance to be free to be MYSELF, the way God designed me to be, for many years!  In love, I don’t blame my Dad.  I am now an OBSERVER that I’ve come to a possible root cause of the inability to visualize, imagine in pictures, allow myself to feel ‘happy’ (Dad’s problem now, not mine!)

I’M GOING FOR that HAPPINESS, my DREAMS!  This is that elephant that I’ve started taking 1 bite at a time…giving myself PERMISSION to be on that HERO’S JOURNEY, to discover MY GREATNESS, to LIVE IN THAT ABUNDANCE, to be the BEST I was made to be!!!

Of this discovery & this time of THANKSGIVING, I am grateful to MKMMA Mark & Davene J for offering the tools & the way to “GET ‘ER DONE”!!

Bridget Marie