My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Press Release

Interviewer (I):  So how did you get here?

Me:  Desire…deep longing in my heart.  But it wasn’t until I found Mark J “world’s laziest networker” thru some of my company’s training, that I found the incredible, never heard of “pay-it-forward” Master Key mentorship training course that I found my voice, the chance to dream again, how to change my thoughts, with EMOTION, in order to change my beliefs & actions…to change my reality!!!  During THAT 6 month evolution, is when the REAL ME that was within had a chance to positively  be identified & given a chance to come out of hiding, to experience a new reality!!

(I):  What was life like before that?

Me:  Frustrating, no control, stressful, trying to survive, no goal – so spirally down, no HOPELESS!, restricted, wanting more outta life, but not knowing where to turn, feeling trapped, heavy burden of debt, little emotion or ability to connect with others on a more intimate level, directional-less,  AWFUL!!!

(i):  What’s the favorite part of your life now?

Me:  2 really::  Liberty & Legacy – having the freedom to be unrestricted, NO HOLDS BARRED, to LIVE LIFE with a CLARITY OF PURPOSE – to LIVE MY DREAMS, unincumbered to go where, when, & how long we want to, with whom I want to, giving & getting – being part of that flow of life, living FINANCIALLY FREE, unbridled. No constraints on what can buy, what house/property to live…ANYWHERE on this planet!!!

And leaving a positive LEGACY behind.  I liked when Jim Rohn said, “Our life can either be an example, or a warning”!  I’ve purposed to be a great EXAMPLE of how a person can be an overcomer (if I can do it, ANYBODY CAN!)  I now know HOW to leave a “ripple effect” of good, of inspiration for future sojourners on this earth!!  This means everything to me!!

(I):  You have a beautiful house, spectacular view, cars you want, travel around the world speaking & singing to audiences of thousands, are considered a world-class athlete in your age category, have won umpteen races in your 60-something age group, won all kinds of awards of your network company business, publishing books, CD’s, been on the best-sellers list 3 times…what really DRIVES you?  What is your statement to others?

Me:  STAY IN SERVICE TO OTHERS!  I’m simply a vessel for God, being lead to make a difference in this life…and for the eternal life ahead!  There’s no greater calling in life than to love others, offer a hand up to those searching & in need, & willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in their lives – whatever that looks like for them!!!  BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED!!  The ones coming after us need a light to guide the way to Truth!  With all the negativism, downright evil, that is daily bombarding our minds & psyche, to be that ray of sunshine, hope to light the Way, BE that inspiration to guide or give another lost soul encouragement that thru hard work, persistence, & a little help along the way… we CAN BE that positive LIGHT!  And finally, LIVE A LIFE OF GRATITUDE!!  We have a choice EACH DAY, a perspective on how to see a good – in both little & large.  Be purposeful in all you do!!

(I)  Thank you for your time with us today.

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