My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 1 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow


As I’m learning how to blog & jump into the 21st century 🙂 , I’m reminded of my first solo in public, 6th grade, at a PTA meeting, first year in public school, daring to start doing a dream: singing!  It was exciting & scary at the same time!  But with the teachers persuading, I got my first taste of being up on stage, doing something I love to do.  SUCCESS!! I received rave reviews from fellow classmates & parents alike!!  That got my feet wet for what I believe God has gifted me to do.  But… my Mother just had to try to ruin it for me…so I started spiraling down to hide my true self…more later!  If you have had an experience like that, feel free to share:-)

Enjoying The Journey now:-) !!!!!!

Bridget Marie

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  1. Great Blog! Looking forward to following your blogs. Thanks for sharing

  2. Bridget! You’re blogging…jumping off into the unknown! I remember this feeling last year! Keep up the great work!

  3. WooHoo your 1st Blog Post Bridget Good on YOU! I look forward to reading your blog every week mahalo for sharing 🙂

  4. The journey here is all about encouragement and joy of living a life with purpose on purpose.
    Look forward to ride!

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