My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 10 -A Seed Germinating…


I see/feel cracks beginning to open, some connections beginning to happen… tiny, but they’re there.  New peptides forming? finally?

Visualization is my struggle – keep practicing, I’m exercising new arenas of my life.  Slowing down enough for my ‘sit’ – making sure to schedule it into my day… writing all my vital daily activities down (I hear Mark J saying, “What is written, gets done”) . . . IT’S WHAT I’VE WANTED ALL ALONG – why do i struggle with this, why fighting with myself???

Og’s scrolls start out:  “Today I begin a new life…I begin to awake with a new vitality (boy have I been needing this for many years now!).  I am a new man with a new life” (I’m YEARNING for this!!).  Secondly, it’s “I greet this day with love in my heart; henceforth, I look on all things with LOVE, & I am born again (‘More love, more power- more of You, Lord, in my life’…We used to sing this song on stage often!! This IS my destiny, my purpose – to genuinely love …speak/FEEL the music of praise to all God’s children!)”.  Currently it’s, “I will persist until I succeed . . . like the raindrop that washes away the mountain…I will build my castle one brick @ a time, for I know that repeated small attempts WILL complete any undertaking.”

Concentrating – why can’t I see ONE LITTLE BLACK LINE on the wall in front of me?  Or the seed sprouting & developing into a flower?  Or that ship with so much of it’s keel under the water, holding it upright when the waves hit?  Or just talking with a friend sitting opposite me @ the little table outside a quaint restaurant?

The mental diet, ‘taking every thought captive’… (I persist until I succeed), the daily ‘sits’ (I persist until I succeed), seeing the shapes, the music, the recording, the movie trailer, the dream board (I persist until I succeed) . . .YET . . .

I’ve promised to focus 30 mins/day on becoming the person I intend to become … I START to see/feel a glimpse of that person I KNOW I have inside me … learning to connect with the Infinite God who put this gifting, this capacity in us all … It’s safe to FEEL (wasn’t okay when I was a child) … breaking thru my past bondage … keep the creative ideas flowing, connecting … idealize … conceptualize … think on my higher good … (I WILL persist until I succeed!)

I’m grateful for all these “exercises”, including this blogging, to take us where I/we truly want to go . . . that Hero’s Journey!!!  I’m focusing on the goal, being that flower (pansy, for me) that blooms & beautifies its surroundings…being that love that encourages & inspires all who see!!  I LOVE who I’m becoming!  MasterKey brings me HOPE…

May YOU feel this HOPE also!!!



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  1. I LOVED this post, Bridget Marie! You packed in a megadose of positive emotion here. Thank you! I definitely also feel HOPE that this MKMMA Experience is teaching me how to birth my future self as I describe in my DMP. But, as Mark J said in a video that motivated me to apply for an MKMMA scholarship, “Hope is not a strategy.” Thank God the MKMMA Experience teaches us so many powerful strategies, including EXACTLY how to develop the very good habit of Persistence.

  2. Thanks Matt…DITTOS!! Glad ‘persistence’ is being emphasized on its importance. When struggling to get on top, this keeps me encouraged…PERSIST is something I CHOOSE to do!!

  3. Keep at it. I have the same struggles, but “will persist until I succeed”, as I am certain you will!

  4. Very inspiring description of who you are becoming. Keep it up!

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