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Week 11 – Our Stories of Inspiration coming…


When I was a kid, I was always interested in learning more about people I looked up to…people I wanted to emulate, become like.  I’ve always enjoyed biographies/auto-biographies.  In my mind, and sometimes in practice, I’d pretend I could sing like so & so, going over a song over & over…as I’d hear it repeated on the radio. {I didn’t have a way to buy or play cassettes, later 8-tracks (funny how long those lasted!), or records (my parents did play a few records on a large console that was also a radio:  Herb Albert & the Tiajuana Brass – one of the few FUN memories I have as my Dad would pull out his trumpet to play along, & we  kids (eventually 11 of us) would be allowed to play an instrument (homemade bonga drums, shakers out of lemon-shaped squirters on sticks with gravel put inside, etc… with baby brothers just dancing around in their diapers:-)}.  When I’d compete, my mind would have someone I’d try to be like to help me endure the struggle.

NOW that we have internet, access to libraries, lots of movies to choose from, we can investigate & learn as much trivia about people as we want!  Learn their ‘STORY’!  What type of a legacy did they leave behind?  How are/or will they going to be remembered…in the archives of time?  My personal favorites are the ones of persisting til overcome…achieving their greatness they always had inside/”within”, and becoming an inspiration for others!!  That’s LEGACY, to me!!

Even in the Good Book, there are stories of past patriarchs, their achievements…their failures –  how God still uses their lives to let His character & commitment of love & grace be evident!

So NOW I’m learning/reflecting that I have the power (God enabled & in agreement with the Laws of Nature), to write MY STORY/my life so I can BE what I WILL to BE (we were made ‘human BEings’, not ‘human DOings’), an INSPIRATION of OVERCOMING, a Guide of becoming the BEST ME, helping/inspiring others to become their BEST YOU!!!  This is my DMP:  Be/leave a positive Legacy for the ones coming after me!!!  To be that change … by “taking every thought captive”

 As I persist until I succeed, I’m still needing to allow myself to have fun/enjoy the process!!  What HOPE, to BECOME the person I’ve dreamed of BE-ing?!  Having, doing, giving — all the things I want to accomplish??!!  Allowing myself the freedom … Stay FOCUSED … one foot in front of the other … “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet…”  Appreciate all the insights of how the mind, thought WITH feeling, belief, — can/WILL change my reality.  I’m writing my life story … getting more focused/better with age!!  My story, my testimony … a lasting impression of hope … 

And we EACH have this opportunity!!  Wow, I’m grateful for this goal, this process!!

Bridget Marie


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  1. Your appreciation of past persisters will serve as fertilizer for the seeds of your own dreams. Instead of “allowing” yourself to have fun and enjoy the process, tell Subby you’re expecting and looking for the fun. Ask and you shall receive!

  2. Very inspiring and keep your journey going.

  3. Love your post Bridget Marie I too do love Biographies and the persistence of the human spirit when it is tested is magnificent. Great job sharing that!!

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