My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 12 – A Feeling of Gratitude


For me at this particular moment on this earth journey, my focus is on 2 main fronts.  The one is physical, due to a serious injury requiring emergency surgery on both of my knees 1 week into this life-changing course.  The recovery process is teaching patience & persistence.  I AM focused & dedicated EVEN MORE than I would have been had I not received one of the fabulous “pay-it-forward” scholarships so WONDERFULLY given & designed by Mark J & Davene!!  My future self is FOREVER GRATEFUL as I’m becoming MORE of the person I was destined to be in this realm.  I confidently am WALKING (yea!! … walking … when looking at possibility of not ever walking again, I reflectively realize how MUCH I took for granted in the past … and have more COMPASSION on those who’ve lost their ability to:-(  I’m also sooo appreciative to my Lord for working out ALL the amazing details:  like having immediate help, substitute bus driver there to finish my obligation, having paramedics & ambulance there immediately, having the financial aspect covered, bringing the right trauma surgeon, just off the battlefields in Afghanistan, to do an amazing job on my legs – just as he is starting a practice back here in the states!! Law of Attraction?  {I always called them my guardian angels!}  Tho cerebrally I didn’t know about this yet!!!)  Whoo, another blog another day:-)

I found out this week that the hardware (braces) can come off for good on Christmas day…what a GREAT present!!  AND, fulfilling 2 parts of my original DMP of, “TRUE HEALTH–on or before 10 Jan 16, lost 20+ pounds, out of wheelchair, walker, & braces..”  Whoohoo – need to learn how to celebrate!!! I’ve shed 25#, and the braces are off SOON, wheelchair & walker hardly being used!!!  THIS PROCESS WORKS!!!  I AM “whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, & HAPPY!!”   SUCH a feeling of success, confidence, & gratitude!!!!!

NOW, concentrating on second front:  attaching FEELING to my thoughts, my intentions!  It came to me this week that I’m needing to consciously apply the Law of SUBSTITUTION to an old bondage thought  indoctrinated into me from my Dad that “feelings don’t matter”.  I’ve believed & depended on this “truth” most of my life … actually believing that I just wasn’t a very sensitive person…and to his honor, it got me this far!!  So I need to do one of my “sits” on PURPOSEFULLY applying the Laws of DUAL THOUGHT, SUBSTITUTION, & RELAXATION to replace this ingrained idea with better idea:  from Haanel 12: 18, “…the law of attraction, which is another name for love … a feeling that imparts vitality to thought.  Feeling is desire, and desire is love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.”!!!!!  Oh my, I’m excited to change those peptides, the “thoughts that fire together wire together”!!!!  Miss INVINCIBLE, that’s what I want to BE!!

I AM persisting, I AM succeeding!  LOVE & MUCH gratitude for this seemingly slow progression to becoming the BEST I was designed to BE!!  THANK YOU!!!


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  1. Am VERY appreciative of the ability to walk!!:-)

  2. May this Christmas be your merriest! Sounds like it may be your most memorable. What precious gifts you’re receiving this year!

  3. Bridget this is an incredibly inspiring post! Especially at this point in both MKMMA and My life. Absolutely perfect timing. Congrats on the application of not only the Master Keys, but also your Faith. if you are interested.

  4. Thanks Jan…sent a request on your blog comment:-)

  5. Awesome! Congratulations to you!

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