My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 15 -Insights!


The readings this week stated creating more of a stir in my heart.

“Thoughts are things, things have gravity, & gravity attracts.  What are your thoughts attracting into your life?” Jon Bender, from book, In God We Trust

This obeys the Law of Attraction, Law of Growth, the thoughts on Growth, Insight, Vital Thought….BAM – Principles!!!

Add to that Og’s 4th scroll about the rarity, uniqueness, VALUABLE, “fan this flame of dissatisfaction that is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am … and I will!!”  all caused my spirit to be in more harmony with my growth into higher planes & broader visions:  In the Silence, learning to appropriate (apply) WITH LOVE those vital thoughts that have the gravity to attract my world within!!

Observing ‘decisiveness’ around me … come on legs, MOVE – redevelop – get stronger … come on mind, MOVE – design those words more lovingly, more consistently!!  Be purposeful, be persevering, be patient – think on that higher plane!!

oh my, progress seems slow, but it IS moving forward…I AM excited yet a little wary – I don’t know why, but growing forward.  I WILL persist, I WILL win!!  I WILL perceive my destiny in greatness!!  I WILL sacrifice independence for alliances, I DO need help… how to ask?

Blessings to the process!!  Blessings to ‘hanging in there’, I’s aligning with the Infinite Intelligence … it IS coming together, evenually .  Stick with the protocal, align myself properly, keep going!

oh boy, does it matter!!

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  1. Law of growth is happening, ehhh?

  2. Very insightful.Small attempts repeated, complete any undertaking!

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