My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 16 -What? An Epiphany?


Call me crazy, but after all these weeks … actually STARTING to feel like some of all the practices, habits, readings, sits started making sense in Haanel’s MasterKey reading this week!!

“Wealth/capital is an effect, not a cause; a means of accomplishing an end… (16:1, 5) … the true value is in the exchange value … a definite fixed purpose, an ideal (16:2-5); the spiritual power to create takes 3 steps:  idealization, concentrate on visualization, and materialization (16:8) … thinking is the great CAUSE in life (16:16) …”if our thoughts are constructive & harmonious, we manifest good” (16:27); and one of the challenges I’m learning to overcome…(and our great mentor, Mark J, has been STRONGLY emphasizing for weeks) is: “16:34 … this is but one sense, psychologists have concluded, the SENSE OF FEELING – the very fountain head of power, why the emotions so easily overcome the intellect [we’ve experienced this thru music & song in our lives!] …and why we MUST PUT FEELING INTO OUR THOUGHT, IF WE WISH RESULTS!!” (Law of Dual Thought!)

This weeks’s exercise of bringing myself “to realization of the important fact that harmony & happiness are states of consciousness…my spiritual unity with God/Universal Mind!” 16:37 And when I succeed in bringing about this mental attitude, it is comparatively easy to realize my “desire as an already accomplished FACT; and when I can do this, I shall have found the ‘truth’ which makes me ‘free’ from every lack or limitation of any kind” … to achieve my DMP!!

My focus shifted…reevaluated.  Thru my DMP, shapes, etc, I’ve been shy, hesitant to get enthusiastically focused on the financial abundance.  But to realize that these are ONLY the effect onto the greater cause of service, the greater good of loving & reaching out to others, being a vessel for Holy Spirit to be more KIND (the Franklin focus this week!) .. i got energized  & ideas started flowing more.  I’m also learning to mastermind more (another need)!!

There was a huge powerball lottery pay-off this week here in Colorado.  And I started asking myself, “If I had $1.6 billion, what are the first 5 things I’d do with it?”  NOW my ideals, my DMP, have more of an applicational focus!!  Service!  Honoring others!  Helping others!  Being in that dynamic flow of giving & receiving!!  Now my ‘sit’ was easier to visualize!!  Now my desires, my action steps can be more feeling WITH intention!!

Maybe now I’m “getting it”…I knew it would eventually happen…but getting more exciting!!  I am adding value to what I do, I’m grateful to be in that flow…happy to be in this life-changing experience this needs time for me to grow!!  Wow…is this the ‘bliss‘ others are suggesting??  COOL!  Now onto the work – with more purposeful enthusiasm …and love!!!

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  1. Thanks, Jan…your blogs are inspiring also. Loving watching the connections happening with you!!

  2. Fabulous blog! I can relate to everything you are saying!

  3. Wow! Congratulations are in order for you. I am inspired just by reading. Thank you for sharing.

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