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Week 18 -I Give Myself Permission

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This week has been a time of going back & reviewing some previous lessons.  What a great way to re-commit to new habits, applying the 7 Laws of the Mind, even confirming in greater detail what all have purposed to focus on … kinda like watching a good movie for a second or third time … pick up more details & ingrain in the heart & mind more!!!  Some great reminders for me this past week:

*The 3 absolute essentials for the happiness of mankind:  Health, Wealth (Substance), and Love; and the mechanism of attachment whereby we can consciously connect with this Infinite supply is in our method of thinking correctly!!

*Visualization is the required mechanism of the attachment… and the more I give of what I value (love, wealth, kindness), the more I’ll receive!!!

*Amazing story of attracting what’s import in affirmation:  “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, & happy” to whole healing, affluence, & JOY!!

*Thought is our creative power, the connecting link between Infinite & the finite … thought + feelings = belief … Law of Growth takes over!!!

*Constructive thought (which is in harmony with Infinite Source) is the CAUSE of the peaceful world within.  The world without is a reflection of the world within – and all power is from within.

*We must make apply our knowledge, thru practice if doesn’t come naturally, for abundance to come.

Also in our MasterKey training, we were challenged to ponder a question, “what am I pretending not to know?”  Wow, great question??!!!  In a couple of my focus times, I came up with 2 surprises…only to myself, of course!  1- That I have access to the power that can control my life through my thoughts; and 2- How to visualize, to mentally picture what I desire to…. something I struggle with.

I give myself permission to be happy, to visualize my desires, my dreams!!  I CHOOSE to do ALL I CAN, every day, to be in harmony with my Creator & keep being in service to others so I can also live in abundance!  I’m choosing the higher thoughts for higher purposes!!  I love who God has destined me to be!!  I’m THANKFUL for all the past struggles as they are what makes me unique & are great opportunities for the growth of us all!!

Have you given yourself permission to be happy yet?




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  1. Awesome review and great insight. Thank you.

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