My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 2 – God’s Speed Bumps


So first I’m flying “somewhere over the rainbow” into this unknown, but very anticipated journey of finding my purpose, my meaning in life, scared, but so excited for CHANGE of focus, circumstances, thoughts…finding the real me!!  Then it happens, as I’m in habit-changing mode…starting to get into all the homework, reading, quiet time self-assessment, I have a debilitating fall that is going to lay me up for 3-6 months!   One week ago, I fell on some wet bleachers at the local football stadium,, with my favorite high school team playing.  Dislocated  & tore 270 degrees of ligament off both patellas, and had to have immediate surgery on both knees to re-attach quad & medial patella ligaments … or never walk again.  Those were my options…huummm, God’s Speed Bump?

Just like Mark J’s message this week on pride, dreadful need to be “in control”, I’m discovering that I might be in same boat. And God has provided a way for me to SLOW DOWN, take the time to improve, challenge, listen to myself & others!  I’m determined to be a light wherever this “divergence” takes me.  And use this opportunity to ALLOW this change to evolve/redirect/heighten my thoughts, being to be able to LISTEN MORE ACUTELY to what the Universal Mind has been trying to communicate for awhile!!  Thank You, God, for Your Speed Bumps!!

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