My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 21 – Living With Purpose


Mandino’s Scroll 5 – ‘Living this day as if it’s my last’ is my favorite scroll to date.  It is a HUGE challenge to me…to be so moment by moment purposeful that “each hour I cherish for it can never return” “if it IS my last day, I make it my greatest monument” “every minute I trade only for something of value” “my last must be my best!” “I avoid the killers of time: PROCRASTINATION I destroy with ACTION; DOUBT I bury under FAITH; FEAR I dismember with CONFIDENCE”…

And one of my biggest challenges recently, “..forgetting yesterday, neither do I think about tomorrow … should I concern myself over events I may never witness?  Should I torment myself over events that may never happen?  (I call that FEAR – False Evidence Appearing to be Real)  NO!”

THIS is where I choose to live.  I’m SOO thankful for the learning/reminding how short our time on this earth is…and we each have a purpose to achieve!!  And to getting even more FOCUSED on the one vision, that heart-driven issue – discovering it inside (rather than trying to accomplish SO MANY things & being distracted … magnifier moving around) is SUPER exciting!!  Bring it on … I AM the adventurer … going on the HERO’s journey … anxious to BE the whole, perfect person God designed me to BE!!!

Let’s inspire each other to the greatness & good works of service … leaving this place in better shape that before we came!!  Are you ready to leave your comfort zone??  It takes work, but is sooo WORTH IT!!!  Come on, let’s discover together . . . .:-)


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  1. Thank you Jan! Enjoying the journey with you!

  2. Great reminder to live by each day.

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