My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 4 – Braces: Hindrance or Benefit?


3rd week with these double leg braces being on 0 degree flexion while walking, 4th week in this process of changing perceptions – both sometimes exhausting, sometimes glimpses of progression.  The knowledge that my “View from my Rear View Mirror” will someday make me smile as I see the whole picture & laugh at how flabbergasted my thoughts were!  ‘Braces’, by definition:  invigorate, stimulate, support, strengthen!  Hindrance: obstruction, restraint, “cramping one’s style”; Benefit: freedom, teaching, determination, more resolution, new connections in ‘subby’. Before all this, just surviving, trying to keeping our heads above water, too busy – no time to sit & reflect or ponder or create.  NOW, this ‘God Speed Bump” (as I’m calling it) is allowing time to SIT, think clearer, create dreams, connections in brain synapses, accepting nothing less than victory, make good habits!!

These braces could actually be a BLESSING in disguise:  they’re strengthening my CHOICE of will, the DIRECTION of purposeful thought, & of TRUSTING the process of evolution into becoming the BEST Me!  These braces are supporting my legs as my knee ligaments need time to heal & strengthen!!  So it’s ALL GOOD!!  I CHOOSE to accept & make the BEST of the “down” time afforded in this process of CHANGE!!  I choose to be INVIGORATED, STRENGTHENED, & SUPPORTED in this healing process!!

Braces, I em-brace you!  What ‘BUMP (s)’ are YOU needing to embrace?

In aweSnapshot_20151023 Snapshot_20151017!  Bridget Marie 

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  1. Good reframe to fit this Master Key experience. Good luck with your healing and Master Key!

  2. Oh my Gosh! I love how you wove this into all we are learning! YEA…we’re swimming in this journey together! Go Girl!

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