My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 6 – Love & a Football Team


I start this day with love in my heart.  One fun part of being a school bus driver is taking field trips – taking teams or school groups to their “extra-curricular” activities.  And after awhile, as you get to know & cheer on the side, you get familiar with certain kids, certain coaches, or a particular school.  My ‘connection’ with a certain group of boys & their coaching staff began almost 9 years ago.  A high school football program, the MountainView Lions, I have come to appreciate that is as concerned in the character development of the young man as they are with putting together plays & schemes to overcome their opponent for a win!  They call it, “A Double-Win” Approach.

Their last game of the season was tonight.  Due to lots of injuries this year, they missed earning a spot in the playoffs 2 games ago, so now they were playing for pride:  their own, their school, their family & friends.  They finished well – won their last 2 games in style.,, set & achieved some personal goals, treasuring the bond of brotherhood & team trust together!!  We have a tradition of singing a few celebratory songs on the bus ride home…a special bond between bus driver & team!  And even with my double knee injury (and subsequent surgery to reattach the ligaments to the knee cap so I can walk, run, play again in the future) at one of their games 5 weeks ago, we still got to cheer on the side & sing on the bus afterwards!!  I still got to BE that encourager, that speaking positives into their lives in a small way:-)  THEY are part of my LEGACY!!  THEY have brought me such love, respect, & enthusiasm as each week they strive hard hard & play with such HEART!!  Even when I was overwhelmed with so many other responsibilities, I had Friday nite to be encouraged by this football program…it IS the high-light of my week!!

I’m learning thru this course, that I’m part of that dynamic flow of giving & receiving.  Of having a genuine LOVE in my heart for others.  This is my connection.  This is my LEGACY!!  In my little way of encouraging this team, these guys have WAY ABOVE given back love & respect to me!!  I am truly humbled & grateful for this association.  And sadly, it’s over ’til another fall season.  I feel satisfied & happy, for now.  I have love in my heart…I LOVE being in that flow!!

just call me, “Mrs. B”

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