My MasterKey Adventure!

Unlocking the Hidden Power Within

Week 8 – Imagination: my BIG Elephant


This week’s focus is IMAGINATION: “a form of constructive thought, a light by which we penetrate new worlds of thought & experience; the mighty instrument by which every inventor or discoverer opened the way from precedent to experience.”  Result:  “by exercise (physical exercise being one of my FAVORITE things to do!), imagination leads to the development of the ideal out of which our future will emerge.”

Time needs to be continually scheduled for reflective, focused thoughts of visualization & imagination. Haanel says, “Exercise is necessary to cultivate mental muscle as well as physical muscle…if not nourished, it cannot grow”!!

WOW, I’m learning that the SURVIVAL of my future exclusively depends on cultivating this form of EXERCISE in my life…my ideals, my desires, my wanting to fulfill my FULL destiny of dreams, planted by God in my being, DEPENDS on staying TRUE to this mental practice!!!  So as Mark J would say, “Giddy up” on making this part my PRIORITY – my MAIN FOCUS, my LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!!

This is PART of what’s been missing in my life.  My Dad (unbeknownst to him, I hope) thwarted this cultivation in my life by trying to control/inputiate his ideals & thoughts in my heart & brain. . .and I’ve been fighting this allowance to be free to be MYSELF, the way God designed me to be, for many years!  In love, I don’t blame my Dad.  I am now an OBSERVER that I’ve come to a possible root cause of the inability to visualize, imagine in pictures, allow myself to feel ‘happy’ (Dad’s problem now, not mine!)

I’M GOING FOR that HAPPINESS, my DREAMS!  This is that elephant that I’ve started taking 1 bite at a time…giving myself PERMISSION to be on that HERO’S JOURNEY, to discover MY GREATNESS, to LIVE IN THAT ABUNDANCE, to be the BEST I was made to be!!!

Of this discovery & this time of THANKSGIVING, I am grateful to MKMMA Mark & Davene J for offering the tools & the way to “GET ‘ER DONE”!!

Bridget Marie

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